Our Advisors

Our primary focus is
building relationships

With an exceptional team of advisors, we aim to inspire and support young people in Buffalo to reach their potential and live their best lives.
Though being born in Florida, Commissioner Lockwood grew up in the City of Buffalo and became a member of the Buffalo Police Department in January 1984, working his way through the ranks of Patrol Officer, Detective and Detective Sergeant. In March 2018, he was appointed Police Commissioner.  He has played a major role in numerous collaborative efforts with other law enforcement agencies and partnerships in Western New York. He has also helped to re-establish community policing through the creation of the Neighborhood Engagement Team and other efforts to improve dialogue between the community and police officers. His support for the establishment of this new Explorer Post is an extension of that effort and his personal belief that where one comes from should not hinder the pursuit of one’s dreams.

Lt. Craig has served as a board member, overseeing multiple steps of the development of this program. Acting as a solid sounding board, as he has multiple years serving as a successful Community Police Officer, honing years of creativity and ambition that serve both the community and police force needs. Additionally, Lt. Craig has spent time developing classes in which he reviews with Buffalo Police Explorer recruits various tactical strategies that he has acquired during his lengthy experience part of the United States Army, as well as a current member of the SWAT team.

Officer Joelle, MSW has had a lifelong passion for community development. She earned her MSW in 2011 to formalize her passion and learn to practically implement it. After making a career change from the Mental Health Care industry in 2014 to the Buffalo Police Department, she served 5 years in the west and east side communities as a police officer, ultimately having the unique opportunity to create a new Explorer branch under Commissioner Lockwood. She has been grateful to be tasked with the job of a full program development and implementation, all while mentoring 35 recruits each year


The Finance Board is comprised of one Buffalo Police Lieutenant and 3 Buffalo Police Officers whose cumulative time with the department equates to 22 years of service. While their role is with The Buffalo Police Explorer recruits is more “hands off”, the program simply would not exist without The Finance Board’s contributions. This program exists solely from fundraising efforts and donations. The Finance Board donates their time and dips into their resources to find funds from local businesses and individuals who believe in the mission of this unit.

The Physical Training Board is comprised of 4 Buffalo Police Officers  who have various experiences in fitness coupled with an interest in mentoring the city youth. They conference on functional techniques, practical applications, and in addition, actually go into the community to train the recruits 2 Saturdays a month. This board is an instrumental part of the Buffalo Police Explorers, as it trains recruits to complete the physical training necessary to be hired as a police officer. Most importantly, the board members are training the recruits how to incorporate healthy habits into their daily routines.

Neighborhood Engagement Team (NET)

The Neighborhood Engagement Team (NET) was uniquely and progressively established by Commission Byron Lockwood in 2018. This team works in a multitude of areas with a primary focus on establishing relationships between police and the community. Leading in the national trend of Community Police work, NET additionally plays an important role in partaking in Explorer meetings, providing manpower for 3 hours twice a month, and engaging with the recruits in various scenarios.
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