What to Expect

Frequently asked questions about being in the Buffalo Police Explorer Program

Explorers Post 638 is a supporting learning environment that the youth of the City of Buffalo, ages 14 through 20, can take advantage of to explore the several career paths within law enforcement, build character, refine themselves academically and establish the foundations of a successful life in a way that is both challenging and fun. Platoons are recruited each September for a 12-week program. Upon successfully completing the program, recruits are presented with a certificate issued by the Buffalo Police Department. 

Explorers of Post 638 receive classroom training and hands on experiences designed to reinforce academic, social, ethical, and character development skills in various areas, such as critical and creative thinking, conflict resolution, decision making, interpersonal relationships, practical life skills, self-esteem, writing and language arts, citizenship and personal fitness.

Explorers meet at a Donated space at the Larkin Commerce Center every Tuesday night for scheduled meetings and at Delaware Park on Saturday mornings for physical training, which does vary.

Post 638 was established in June of 2019. However, Exploring has been a part of Boy Scouts of America since July 12, 1973. The Buffalo Police Department did have another Post during the 20 year career of retired Police Officer Jeanie Rak. During her time, she guided hundreds of youths and won national competitions. Our Post owes a debt of gratitude to Officer Rak and her many years of service to the many recruits that she mentored.

The program is free, but rely on donations from the community. 

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