Lifelong Skills and Mentorship

Exploring involves Discovery; not just seeing new things with your eyes, but gaining insights into yourself and the people around you. Explorers inquire, wonder, imagine, dream, and risk. They learn to respect and appreciate what it takes to be willing to discover, and what it takes to commit to a journey into the unknown. Explorers take on the challenge of change; within themselves, and those around them. The Buffalo Police Explorers is a sixteen-week program that runs between February and June. In this program we will be meeting twice a week; one of the days will be a fitness class and the other day will be a classroom lesson. 

Positive Outcomes

Post 638 Establishes and fosters a relationship between Buffalo Police Officers and the City of Buffalo Youth by providing young people opportunities that promote leadership, confidence, self discipline, and community service all while developing an awareness of the purpose, mission and objectives of law enforcement and the Buffalo Police Department.

We build confidence in our youth so they can discover their full potential and create a path for their future.

Explorers will learn first-hand how to work with others on a team. By utilizing each individual’s strength in a team atmosphere, explorers will learn to share and delegate responsibilities. 

Explorers will learn how to cope with problems or obstacles that come up and focus on the best solution.

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